• How Does Your Online Reputation Translate to Marketing Success?

    reputation marketingYou’ve spent years building your business from the ground floor up. You have invested hard earned capital, your sweat and tears. Your family didn’t see you while you were working hard for their financial future. You knew one day it would all pay off and everyone would understand why you did it! As you are getting bigger you start enjoying the success and then wham! Prospective customers are gone, visitors slow down to a trickle, new customers gone and you have no idea why?

    You have some great current customers and they are very happy. While they love you, your business is struggling without any new customers. You can’t figure out why until a relative tells you they were looking online and saw some bad reviews. All of a sudden you realize why your current customers are still happy but no one is coming through the door.  The reality is that someone who doesn’t know you or your business is making an assumption based on your online reputation.

    The bottom line is this, your online reputation is going to translate to your marketing success. It doesn’t matter how many people you have looking at your business online if you have negative reviews. In fact, it actually could really hurt your business to drive potential people to see bad reviews! What people say online is the single most important reflection of your company’s quality, reliability and customer service. Nielsen recently stated that 70% of global consumers trust online reviews when making purchasing decisions.

    Improving your reputation is the #1 priority for your marketing success. Consumers want to have confidence in the decision they are making and your reputation will give them confidence or drive them away. There are a few things you can do to help your online reputation. Let’s review the best ways to help your reputation translate to marketing success.

    First you must give your clients the opportunity to leave a review. Set up an online review portal so they can easily leave you a positive review. Integrate reviews into all aspects of marketing. If you have a newsletter ask for reviews. If you have receipts ask for reviews and let them know where they can go. Have a large list of past customers? Send them a direct mail piece and ask for reviews. Have customers go online via their phone while still in the store to leave a review. If reviews become a way of life for you and your employees your marketing success will skyrocket!

    If you get negative feedback respond and own it. Negative comments can actually help your business when consumers see you stand behind your product. Be active on all social media so you can see what people are saying. Engage with them as you never know if your sales funnel is broken and consumers will usually tell you if something felt wrong. Post specials or sales only for those that are or have been active with your company online. Your customer service department is really your social media manager in today’s day and age. If you want online marketing success then these reputation enhancements will drive more people and ales into your store.

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